Adwoa Hackman

Adwoa Hackmann, Berlin 2014

Raised with the music of Stevie Wonder, Prince and Jimi Hendrix in her ear, Adwoa Hackman developed her affinity for music at an early age. “Music was always present in our home. It was there like the air we breathed. My parents had a great record collection and my mother sang to music on the radio while she did chores around the house. The image of her moving around the house and singing has stayed with me.”

Adwoa’s first experience in a band came when she was 15 years old. In the years following, she was active in various studio and live band projects. She studied voice and guitar at the Jazz School of Munich. Afterwards, she completed drum studies at Drummers Focus. Adwoa was a drummer on tour throughout Germany with a cover band, always driven by the desire to express herself in the music from all angles.

These days, her guitar and her voice take center stage as she melds warm and bittersweet sounds, baring her soul to the groove inside her melodies. Her singing, influenced by soul and blues music, shows a virtuosity that is as casual as it is breathtaking. For years, Adwoa has lived in Berlin, her chosen home. With Berlin as her base, she has performed in numerous clubs and festivals and gathered an ever-growing community of supporters.

In 2011, she released her debut album Tief Wie Das Meer (Deep As the Ocean) on Ear Lab Records. In 2014, Adwoa started her own record label, Sugarpie Records. In March 2015, she released her second album Exil on Sugarpie Records. Exil is a refreshing mix of soul and pop with deep-rooted, often humorous lyrics about life and love.


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