Hussy Hicks “Lucky Joe’s Wine And Other Tales” ::13.05.2016

When you think of the USA’s Deep South, you think of bluegrass and country, rhythm and blues.  When you think of the Gold Coast it’s all about the surf. Hussy Hicks has taken the best of both and brought them to life with their new album.

Hussy Hicks has a strong connection to Alabama, drawn there regularly in the past ten years to perform, record and revitalise between tours of Europe, USA, and Australia. So it’s no surprise that this release was recorded deep in the heart of Dixie.

The band had spent a few weeks at the magical Muscle Shoals Sound Studios recording ‘Raise the Dead’ by Kristy Lee and were keen to get back to Alabama to cut some Hussy Hicks tracks.  Hall of Fame legend Rick Hirsch (Wet Willy, Cher, Greg Allman, Joan Armatrading) played host to the Hussy Hicks in his Alabama studio, where they gathered a few musician friends to collaborate on a seven-track mini album. The album will be released May 15th. The ladies will be on tour between May and August.