Scott Bricklin – new album “Lost ‘Til Dawn”

And on bass … Scott Bricklin. That is how we first heard of him many years ago in Europe: First as Joseph Parsons’s sideman, later on as a member of the mini-super group US Rails. And he proved himself to be the equal of more established artists like Parsons, Ben Arnold and Tom Gillam, sharing songwriting and lead vocal duties. 2011 saw the release of Bricklin’s solo debut after many years as a team player on the Philadelphia scene. Now, the in-demand session and studio musician releases the much-awaited follow-up: Lost ‘Til Dawn, his second solo outing, is a real fine rock-pop album with strong songs and a timeless quality derived from the building blocks Beatles, Stones and Tom Petty. And, yes, he also plays the bass but the focus is on Scott Bricklin as a multi-talented musician handling everything from songwriting to vocals and the album mix.